How Do You Write Special Education Lesson Plans?


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One way to write special education lesson plans is to tailor the plan for the needs of your specific class and its students. Special education teachers often have to make adjustments to their pre-made plans to accommodate the individualized needs of different learners within the class.

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It is possible to access, use and possibly modify premade special education lesson plans from websites such as TeachNology to fit your students and their current needs. TeachNology organizes the lesson plans by school grades and provides a brief description of the lesson plan contents. Clicking on the name of the lesson brings up a simple breakdown of the lesson plan topic, its goals, the materials needed, the exercises involved and how students should be evaluated. Studying this format can help you create entirely new lesson plans by providing examples of everything you should know about your lesson.

It is important that you are flexible regarding lesson plans, both on a day-by-day and year-by-year basis. No premade or custom lesson plan is universally effective for all students every year, and you should be able to change different aspects of the lesson to achieve better results. Because of this, consulting other special education teachers about the approaches and methods they have found effective over the years can aid the process.

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