How Do You Write a Simple Questionnaire?

write-simple-questionnaire Credit: enis izgi/E+/Getty Images

To make an effective questionnaire, it needs to be presented properly. Only through careful writing, reviewing, editing and rewriting can a good questionnaire be created.

  1. Decide on the survey objectives

    Decide on what should be achieved, and start writing the questions. Be specific about the research objectives and the data that will be collected. Make sure to word the questions appropriately, with the objectives in mind, to avoid running the risk of gathering misleading information.

  2. Plan the questionnaire's structure

    Make sure to give careful thought to the questions being asked, the length of the questionnaire, how to phrase the questions and the order in which to ask them. Arrange the questions in a logical flow, making sure that related questions are grouped together.

  3. Consider the people answering the questions

    Make the questionnaire relevant to the people who will be asked to complete it. Think about areas such as age, gender, education level, English proficiency and cultural background.

  4. Write the content

    Refine your questions to be sure to present it properly. Introduce the questionnaire, and persuade the respondent to cooperate. Explain who is conducting the research, how the data will be used and assure the participant confidentiality.

  5. Pre-test the questionnaire

    Get family and friends to try the survey, and then make changes from their feedback. Next, pre-test the questionnaire on a small number of people who match the target audience. Reorder or edit some of the questions based on the results.