How Do You Write a Simple Letter of Resignation?


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To write a simple letter of resignation, start by naming the job you are leaving and on what date; a hard copy should include a signature after the closing and your typewritten name below the signature. You may optionally include a pledge to offer your help during the transition.

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How Do You Write a Simple Letter of Resignation?
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For letters of resignation that are still simple but that offer more warmth, thank the employer for the opportunity to work there, and express that you are happy to help with the transition of your

duties if you are able.

In the thank-you section, list a few of the important aspects of the job that you enjoyed. Do this even if you did not like the job; leaving on good terms helps ensure positive recommendations in the future. In the transition section, use two or three sentences to say that you are happy to help with training other employees in your duties during the last two weeks. Wish the company success, and if you plan to stay in touch, say this as well.

Situations in which you might want to include a reason for resigning are those such as leaving to pursue further education or relocating to a new city. If the resignation is because of the job itself, leave the reason out.

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