How Do You Write a Simple Bio?


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When writing a simple bio, keep it short, include pertinent details about skills and experience, and include education and degrees. Establishing the credentials is an important part of the bio since many employers or clients are looking for certain types of education.

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For the credentials section of the bio, include any certificates, degrees, titles or training that has been received. This also includes informal credentials, such as on-the-job training, skills obtained without schooling or life experience that adds to the person's overall knowledge of a particular area. For example, someone applying to be a chef who recently owned their own diner should include that information for the life experience.

Also include additional expertise as it pertains to the field of study, such as an article or ebook that was published, special events where the person has attended and had a presentation, or awards and recognitions received within their field. If employers or organizations that are well-known are on the person's resume, include them in the bio.

A simple bio is one that is short and gets right to the point. It uses basic phrasing and important details about the person's education, experience, skills and reasons someone should hire them or trust their expertise.

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