How Do You Write a Short Personal Biography?

To write a short personal biography, introduce the subject in the very first sentence and include brief information about her current job title and professional aspirations. The biography should include information about education, licensing, professions and overcoming adversities.

The bulk of the personal biography tells a brief story about the person's life. Consider the audience when writing it. A biography for a college newspaper should include the subject's educational background and goals for the future, while a biography to apply for a job should have information about training, licensing or certifications, and past job experience.

Biographies that are slightly longer should also include information that shows how the person has built character, the obstacles she has gone through and how she overcame them. This can be very brief, depending on the desired length of the biography. Include a personal mission statement or message that the subject wants the reader to understand.

If relevant, include some more personal information, such as the person's hobbies and special interests and a short blurb about family life. Information about volunteer work and other humanitarian passions is a strong way to flesh out a biography.

Keep the paragraphs short and take a conversational tone to make the biography easier to read.