How Do I Write a Self Evaluation for My Job?

Start your employee self evaluation with a quick summary of the work you completed during the review period. Then, add details about your major accomplishments and your problem areas. Finish up by relating your progress toward future career goals.

  1. Summarize your work

    Write a paragraph summing up the work that you have done during the review period. This section gives your boss a brief review of your job responsibilities and demonstrates your understanding of them.

  2. Describe your accomplishments

    Write a paragraph about each of your major job accomplishments that you completed during the review period. Add statistics and other details to show the strength of each accomplishment. Include precisely how each accomplishment benefited the company.

  3. Describe job lapses and problem areas

    Add a paragraph about each major missed goal, job lapse or problem area from the review period. Include reasons for mistakes, but do not place blame on coworkers or superiors. When appropriate, explain how you intend to avoid similar issues in the future and how you are working on your weak areas.

  4. Connect your job progress to your future career goals

    Write a closing paragraph that connects your job performance during the review period to your career plans for the future. This shows your boss that you have ambition and are working with the bigger picture in mind.