How do you write a scope of study?


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To write a scope of study, outline the limitations of the research, the specific data used for the research and the theories used to interpret the data. A scope of study is typically added to longer essays and research reports, theses and dissertations. A scope of study is a very important component of research, since it explains why certain data is excluded from the research.

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How do you write a scope of study?
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If research is conducted on a historical event, such as the Industrial Revolution, but only several key events within this time period are analyzed, the researcher needs to inform the reader that the paper is limited in scope to these events. This is the first thing to include in the scope of research section. In addition, the limitations of the research and the scope of the research methods needs to be stated. This includes listing specific aspects of the data, such as sample size, geographic location and variables. The academic theories applied to the data also need to be listed so the reader knows the lens of analysis the researcher is using.

Since it is impossible to collect all data on a subject and explore every facet of a subject, all research is narrow in scope and subject to limitations. By acknowledging how research is restricted, it becomes more credible. The scope of research section also puts the data and research into perspective, which makes it easier to understand.

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