How Do You Write a School Head Lice Letter to Parents?

How Do You Write a School Head Lice Letter to Parents?

When writing a school head lice letter to parents, consider including a description of the condition, what causes it, symptoms and treatment procedures, suggests Evanston Middle School. A school might send this letter in response to a case of lice or as a preventative measure.

Follow this process when writing a school head lice letter.

  1. Write the opening
  2. Start with giving the reason for the letter, such as a recent outbreak in the school or a screening for the individual student. Continue with a description of what lice is, where they like to live and what they look like.

  3. Discuss causes and symptoms
  4. Explain that children can get lice if they share hats or other items that contact the hair. It may also be helpful to dispel myths about the condition, such as that lice is caused from uncleanliness Next, tell parents common symptoms to look for, such as head itching, head sores and sleeping problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Consider suggesting that parents check their kids' hair if symptoms are present.

  5. Suggest treatments
  6. Tell parents what to do, including any requirements to notify the school about the problem and treatment options. Treatment options may involve throwing away hats and brushes the child uses, cleaning the child's clothing and bedding, using lice shampoo and vacuuming the carpet.

  7. Write the closing
  8. Close the letter by letting parents know the school is looking out for the children and is handling the situation. Links to further information about head lice can be helpful too.