How Do You Write a Scholarship Essay?


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Keys to writing a scholarship essay including considering the audience that will read the essay, planning ahead before writing and making the essay personal. Essay writers should have a third party edit the piece.

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Each scholarship essay has specific requirements that the writer must meet. The applicant needs to carefully research the requirements and find the voice for which the scholarship approval committee may be looking. An applicant should find out as much as possible about past winners' essays, comparing them with one another to determine common features that the scholarship committee finds appealing in a winning essay. The writer should not attempt to copy past winning efforts, though.

The essay portion of a scholarship application is intended to provide a way for an applicant to stand out from the crowd. As such, each essay should be personal, pointing out the things that each candidate brings to the table. The writer should use his own experiences as much as possible to write the essay.

Before beginning the essay, the writer must plan ahead. Starting early, researching the topic thoroughly, and creating careful notes and an outline are methods of organizing the essay before the first word is even written. Good planning makes it easier to create a smooth flow in the writing that makes the essay easy to read. Finally, the writer should ask an editor to go over the work to catch any mistakes in grammar and punctuation and to provide suggestions to make the essay more readable.

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