How Do You Write a Resignation Letter?


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When writing a letter of resignation, address the letter to the direct supervisor, provide a date at the top of the letter, and begin the letter with a statement that indicates the intent to resign from the company. The letter should also include the date of resignation or the length of time the employee plans to stay with the company. It may be appropriate to include a reason for leaving.

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A resignation letter should use direct and concise language and provide a brief overview of the details of the resignation in just a few paragraphs. For example, the letter may begin with "Please accept this letter as my official resignation from your company."

Next, the letter should indicate the date of an employee's last day. Typically, a two-week notice is appropriate. The letter may also provide information about where the employee plans to work following the resignation or the reasons for the resignation, such as family responsibilities or other commitments.

A paragraph should also be devoted to thanking the employer for any opportunities and providing an overview of the ways the work experience made an impact. The letter should conclude with an additional expression of thanks and contact information.

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