How Do You Write a Research Proposal?

How Do You Write a Research Proposal?

A research proposal must contain an abstract, a statement regarding the importance of the research, a literature review, research methodology and statistical modeling information, available resources, a budget, key faculty and staff contributing to the research and references. Writing a research proposal requires a large amount of reflection, analysis and preparation.

Each research proposal requires a formal research question or hypothesis that serves as the basis of the research. Including this information in the beginning shows the possible contribution of the research to the field.

The literature review is an analysis of all previous relevant research in the field of study. Writers synthesize the various arguments from each source to find commonalities and differences in variables, theories, methods and outcomes. The proposed research must also connect with the previous research in the field.

The design of the study addresses any methodical deficits from previous studies and addresses the proposed research question. Writers include operations for all independent and dependent variables, convey the statistical analysis and provide a method for interpreting results.

Financial indicators help show that the study is feasible. Administrators of the study must explain the division of labor for the study and necessary wages. Budgets are applicable in a research proposal to receive grant funding. An index or table of contents is especially helpful for long proposals.