How Do You Write a Report?

How Do You Write a Report?

To write a report, ensure that you understand the instructions, gather information, organize your material, and compose the final work. Finally, review and present your report.

  1. Do an overview of the report brief

    Ensure that you understand the purpose and instructions of your report. Think about why you are writing the report and for whom. Ask for clarification from your teacher if the requirements or instructions are unclear.

  2. Gather your information

    Research the subject matter, and compile the relevant information. Consider using surveys and questionnaires for detailed reports. Refer to your report brief as you gather information to ensure that you are on the right track.

  3. Organize your material

    Arrange your material in order of relevance. Group the related points together, and arrange your material in a logical order. Cut any material that is irrelevant or does not enhance the subject matter.

  4. Analyze your material

    Use the material you have gathered to make short notes. Note the conclusion to be drawn from your research. Determine which pieces of evidence conflict and which show the flaws or limitations in the evidence.

  5. Write the report

    Use a direct and precise writing style to complete your report. Work on the contents page and summary at the end, when you know what is included. Structure your report in clear and precise chapters, sections and individual paragraphs. Begin with the introduction, explain the idea and present the relevant evidence to support your points. Show how your evidence relates to your points, and conclude the report.

  6. Review your report

    Review your first draft, and make the necessary changes. Ensure that the writing follows a clear structure and that it makes sense. Proofread your report before submitting.