How Do I Write a Report?

To write a report, detail the purpose of the report, write a complete record of the events or the problem, include an evaluation or analysis of the facts or research and discuss the potential solutions or outcomes. The report should also include an introduction that grabs attention and a concluding paragraph that provides an overall summary of the report's primary points.

  1. Provide background information

    Begin the report by writing an introduction that introduces the issue, topic or problem. Provide background information about the issue that provides context for the remaining contents of the report. For example, if the report is about violence in a community, provide an overview of violence in general to help the average reader understand.

  2. Detail a sequence of events

    Set up the purpose of the report by detailing events as they happened, in chronological order. Provide clear examples to support the overview or information provided. Follow a step-by-step format to ensure all information is cohesive and concise.

  3. Evaluate the facts

    Provide examples, facts and research to support the primary purpose or argument within the report. Evaluate or analyze the source of the problem, the facts provided or the research presented in the report.

  4. Propose solutions or outcomes

    Engage the reader by detailing specific methods to solve the problem or potential outcomes that could occur. Conclude the report with a summary of the most important points.