How Do You Write a Relocation Letter for a Medical Office?

When a medical office or any business is relocating, it's important to get the news out about the move as early as possible. Mailing business relocation letters no later than three weeks before the moving date should give patients, vendors and other clients ample notice.

  1. Gather the relevant information

    Make sure you have all the information your patients and vendors need to know, including the new address, the new phone number, and all other contact information, such as email address, fax numbers and website URLs.

  2. Determine your mailing list

    Create a mail merge list of all your patients and vendors. Use this as an opportunity to strike people off your contact list if they haven't been in touch with your medical business in many years. Decide whether you want to create separate relocation letters for patients and vendors.

  3. Write your relocation letter

    Include all your contact information in the relocation letter, even if some of it isn't changing. Briefly explain the reason for the move, and don't forget to include the date of the move.