How Do You Write a Recommendation Letter for a Nursing School Applicant?

To write a letter of recommendation for a nursing school applicant, review the applicant's qualifications and ensure you have the information you need for the letter. Ask the applicant for areas on which to focus, and explain in the letter how you know the applicant, for how long you've known the applicant and the applicant's qualifications for nursing school.

  1. Discuss the letter with the applicant prior to writing

    Some documents and topics to discuss ask of the applicant include transcripts, a resume, a personal statement about why she wants to be a nurse and any nursing-related experience or skills the applicant has. These items help you write an informed letter.

  2. Introduce yourself and the applicant

    Give your job title and your relationship to the applicant. For example, you may be the applicant's teacher or boss. Explain how long you have known the applicant.

  3. Outline the applicant's qualifications and assets

    List any relevant volunteer work, internships, foreign languages and multicultural experience the applicant has if it makes sense for you to do so. Many nursing schools require at least foreign language and multicultural experience. Explain the applicant's qualities and areas of knowledge, such as excellent bedside manner, math skills, attention to detail or initiative. Back up your statements with proof by providing specific examples. Discussing projects or specific accomplishments are good ways to provide proof.

  4. Write your closing paragraph

    Write a positive statement about the applicant in the closing, and include your contact information.