How Do You Write a Rebuttal?

How Do You Write a Rebuttal?

To write a rebuttal, brainstorm and research the counter arguments to your claim, then express your findings clearly in writing. Start with a transition, briefly summarize the opposing point, refute the point, support your rebuttal and conclude your refutation.

  1. Brainstorm opposing viewpoints

    Keeping your own claim in mind, brainstorm the opposing views. Think about how or why opponents might disagree with your claim. Make a note of these claims, and select the strongest opposing points.

  2. Research the opposing viewpoints

    Note the facts, data, anecdotes and other support used to pose your opponent's viewpoints. Start thinking of your rebuttal for each point.

  3. Write a transition sentence

    Craft a sentence that transitions from your main points to the opposing point. Use transition words, such as however and while.

  4. Summarize the opposing point

    Write an accurate and fair summary of the opposing point. State only the point you intend to refute.

  5. State your own position

    State your reason for disagreeing with the opposing viewpoint in a succinct sentence.

  6. Support your refutation

    Use specific evidence, rhetoric, quotes, data and other forms of support for your position. This should directly support your rebuttal. Spend time thoroughly refuting the opposing point in as many aspects as possible.

  7. Conclude your rebuttal

    Write a brief conclusion sentence stating your rebuttal of the opposing view. Repeat this process for all points you intend to refute.