How Do I Write a Readmission Letter to College?

How Do I Write a Readmission Letter to College?

To write a readmission letter, create a plan for graduating from college, and gather support from teachers or medical professionals who can attest to your readiness to return. Explain the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal, and emphasize your commitment to academic excellence.

  1. Make an academic plan

    Create an academic plan detailing each semester up to gradation. Even if the college doesn't require a concrete plan, including one in your letter demonstrates your commitment to readmission.

  2. Gather supporting letters

    If you withdrew for medical reasons, gather letters from medical professionals supporting your return to school. Also, include letters from professors or employers highlighting any classes or jobs held after the withdrawal.

  3. Greet the recipient

    Place the recipient's name and address in the upper-left corner of the letter, followed by the date. Greet the recipient formally, and clearly state the purpose of the letter in the first paragraph.

  4. Support the request for readmission

    Explain the circumstances surrounding your withdrawal from school. Avoid a defensive or dismissive tone, and focus on providing context to the situation and explaining how your circumstances have changed since the withdrawal. Describe your plans and aspirations in detail. Take responsibility for mistakes if necessary, and deliver an impassioned plea for readmittance.