How Do You Write a Proposal?


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Write a proposal by first getting all the information necessary from the funding agency, department administrator and dean if it is an educationally based proposal. Second, fill in the information starting with the title page and continuing through the appendices according to the guidelines of the funding agency.

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After writing a cover letter and cover or title page, write the abstract. This is a short summary of the proposal and is an important factor in convincing the reader that this is a good proposal to receive funding. You need to include the need of funding, objectives and procedures in this section. Next, add a table of contents to help the reader access different sections of the proposal easily. In the next section, state the purpose of the project or aim of the proposed project or research.

Next, give some background of the problem, field of research or hypothesis, a review of the current literature conducted thus far. State your plan of action in the plan or approach, and follow this up with institutional resources at your disposal. After listing your references, list the skills and education that make you suitable to carry out the project in the biosketch. Include a budget and appendices.

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