How Do You Write a Project Description?

A project description usually runs between two and three pages long, and it should include an overview of the project's topic and what problem the project will solve, tell what will be done as part of the project to reach the solution and include the status of the project. The purpose of the project description is to show that the proposed project is valuable and worth completing, especially if funding is needed.

Use the following steps to create a project description.

  1. Provide an introduction to the project's topic and purpose
  2. Provide background information on the project's field of study and the importance of the project's topic. State specifically what purpose the project has, including any real world application the project's results will have. Make a case to show the project's benefits are well worth the funding and effort required.

  3. Explain what the project will involve
  4. Provide details on the major tasks that will be part of the project and how each will help meet the project's goals. Clarify why any specific tools or processes will be used and define any technical terms that may be unfamiliar to those who will read the description.

  5. Provide details on project's status
  6. Include details about whether the project needs funding and whether the necessary resources, including facilities, people and tools, are available.