How Do You Write a Presentation Speech?


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Writing a good presentation speech involves breaking the task into several steps. The first step is to create an outline of major points. These points should reflect what the audience wants to know. Key points can be rearranged and organized until they are in an order that is comfortable for the presenter. Ideally, a presentation includes enough variety to keep an audience interested throughout the duration.

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How Do You Write a Presentation Speech?
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Variety is the spice of life, and a good speech mixes things up by including interesting facts, statistics, real life stories, metaphors, fresh ideas and historical examples. Research can provide plenty of information for notes to work from in preparing the speech's main points.

One approach is to write the speech starting with the ending. A great ending guides the audience to a natural conclusion that provides them with motivation to take some type of action.

Another great tip is to break the speech into several smaller sections. For example, a typical 30-minute speech has three 10-minute sections. Start with three main sections. Divide these sections further until there is a total of nine mini sections. Each section focuses on a particular issue or problem. There is no moving on to the next section until the current one is written to satisfaction.

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