How Do You Write a Preface?

When writing a preface, there are a number of different methods to choose from. The simplest and most common method is to describe the book and tell the reader why you wrote it and why it is worth reading.

  1. Provide a brief description

    For works of fiction, give the reader enough information about the plot and characters to intrigue them. Do not unveil any answers in the preface, only ask questions that make the reader want to learn more.

  2. Tell the reader why you wrote the book

    Explain to the reader how the book came about, what your inspiration was and what motivated you to write it.

  3. Describe the purpose of the book

    Write what the reader can gain by reading the book. Explain how the book can help or enrich the reader's life.

  4. Discuss the journey of the book

    Talk about what you learned while writing the book. Describe how you felt, how you changed throughout the journey and anything you learned. You can also discuss any problems that arose during its creation and how you dealt with them.

  5. Discuss your research process

    For both works of fiction and non-fiction, talk about the sources and research that were necessary during the process.

  6. Include your acknowledgements

    Mention any people who were helpful and instrumental in the creation of the book, such as colleagues, friends and family.