How Do You Write a Best Practice?

To write a best practice, focus on detailing the instruction strategy for the classroom teaching method while avoiding personal details or deep editorializing. A best practice is typically written for instructional strategies or educational practices in regards to learning and student teaching.

A best practice needs to be innovative and successful. It should not be a practice or strategy that is already popular and commonly used in the field. It should be something that has been developed personally, or a strategy that has been significantly modified. To demonstrate its success, be prepared to provide evidence including data and mathematical analysis, summaries of personal experience and anecdotes.

Avoid writing a personal account that details personal feelings or comes across as a pep talk. Share personal experiences in a professional and formal manner. Avoid deep editorializing, since that can alienate readers. Try to share examples of specific tools that the readers can use to implement the best practice.

It is important to treat the readers as colleagues and professionals in the field. Do not write in a condescending manner. It is also important to write in a manner that allows both beginning teachers and experienced educators to read the best practice and understand it fully. Therefore, be sure to explain why each method present in the best practice works.