How Do You Write Poem for a Mother-In-Law?


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You don’t need a writing degree to tell your mother-in-law how important she is to your family. A mother-in-law is the woman who raised and supported the person you love today. Whether it’s her birthday, a special holiday or a moment worth noting, writing a personalized poem is a sweet and simple gesture that shows how much you appreciate and adore her.

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  1. Share how much you adore her

    Some possible sentences to use in the opening include:

    You mean the world to me
    So many things I would like to say
    You’re the best mother-in-law I know

  2. List keywords that rhyme

    Compose a list of words that rhyme with your first sentence. For example, the word me rhymes with be, free, see and tree; the word say rhymes with away, day, today; the word know rhymes with go, glow and show. Write a sentence that captures what you are feeling. For example:

    So many things I would like to say,
    About how much I love you today.

  3. Write the remainder of the poem

    Continue to use the list of words you have developed. For example:

    No matter where I go,
    You are the best mother-in-law I know.

    You mean the world to me,
    That, I hope you can see.

  4. Deliver your message

    Write or type your completed poem on paper or a blank greeting card and deliver your special message to your mother-in-law.

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