How Do You Write a Philosophy of Teaching Statement?


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Write a philosophy of teaching statement by articulating a personal concept of teaching and learning, describing the way you teach and showing how the way you teach reflects your beliefs about the teaching and learning process. There is no specific format or required content for a philosophy of teaching statement, so there is room to be creative in the presentation and the inclusion of other materials.

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The process of preparing and writing a philosophy of teaching statement allows teachers to analyze, assess and clarify their goals for teaching. Write these goals as clearly as possible in your philosophy of teaching statement, so that the intended audience can see purpose and reflective teaching.

Keep your philosophy of teaching document short, easy to understand and memorable. Restrict the length to one to two pages, use the present tense and first person, and avoid technical terms that might cause confusion. Ensure that the intended audience can visualize you teaching by describing specific teaching methods and strategies that illustrate your teaching style.

For inspiration, read examples of teaching philosophy statements on Ohio State University's University Center for the Advancement of Teaching website. For additional help, visit the University of Minnesota website for a step-by-step tutorial that includes a template, reflective prompts and rubrics for assessing your statement.

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