How Do You Write a Petition?


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Identify the goal of the petition and the decision makers who have the power to achieve that goal. Explain the issue in a way that shows readers why they should care about it. Research the issue and identify specific steps the decision makers need to take to achieve the goal.

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Make sure the petition's goal is achievable. End world poverty is not an achievable goal because it is too broad. Instead choose a more specific goal, such as reduce the number of families living below the poverty level in New York City by 10 percent. City decision makers can take concrete steps, such as building more affordable housing or creating more workforce development programs, to achieve this goal. Include a personal story from someone whose life is impacted by the issue. People are more likely to sympathize with a cause when it has a face. Do not expect decision makers to create a solution. Include the steps they should take to achieve the goal in the petition. Research what decision makers actually have the power to do and make sure the suggested actions are feasible and directly relate to achieving the goal. Change.org provides a petition writing template and other resources for advocates.

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