How Do You Write a Personal Statement?

Write a personal statement that is part of a school application by preparing yourself with self-reflective questions, doing research on the school you want to attend, finding an angle, making a good first paragraph impression and telling about your specific experiences and knowledge. The time it takes to write a personal statement varies for each person. You need a computer with word processing software.

  1. Ask yourself questions

    Prepare to write a personal statement by getting to know yourself. List all of your skills and experiences on a sheet of paper, and use this sheet as a reference during the actual writing process.

  2. Research the school you want to attend

    Research the school you want to attend so that you can tailor your personal statement to it. Gain a firm understanding of the school's requirements for the personal statement, and plan your essay around these requirements.

  3. Find an angle

    Find an angle to use to sell yourself to the admissions committee. Refer to the list of unique character traits you compiled during your earlier session of self reflection. Choose one that makes you stand out.

  4. Make a good first impression

    Start out with a strong introductory paragraph that captures the attention of the readers.

  5. Be specific

    In the middle sections of the statement, be specific. Add concrete details about why this school is a good fit for you based on your past experiences and current knowledge. Avoid discussing politics or religion.