How Do I Write a Personal Medical History?

How Do I Write a Personal Medical History?

To write a personal medical history, gather writing materials, compile pertinent information about your medical background, write the information down in a notebook or personal journal. Include details about specific life events and your reactions to them.

  1. Gather writing materials

    Decide whether to write your personal medical history on your computer or in a physical log.

  2. Gather information

    Find out your blood type, allergy information, details about chronic conditions and details about medications you use, including the dosage and start date. Also, gather appointment cards with dates of doctor's visits, the dates and results of medical tests and screenings, and the dates you were diagnosed with an illness or had surgery.

  3. Write your medical history

    Record your name, birth date, and the medical information you gathered, including personal notes about life events and changes in your habits or moods, in your personal notebook or journal.