How Do You Write a Pardon Letter?

To write a pardon letter, get a set of guidelines from the governor’s office in your state or the Office of the Pardon Attorney for federal offences. Follow the format in the guidelines to write your pardon letter.

If the guidelines do not provide formatting requirements, use a business letter format. Write your name, address and telephone number at the top of the page. Skip a line and write the address of the gubernatorial house and the date. Skip a line, and write a salutation ending with a colon instead of a comma.

In the letter, explain the nature of your crime, the date and the nature of the verdict you received. Explain why you wish to be pardoned. Be honest in your request because if you falsify any information, your request may be denied.

Detail your activities since your conviction, such as participation in community service activities, rehabilitation and religious groups, any employment and any education courses completed during your conviction. Include any retribution you have paid.

Explain any remorse that you feel for your actions, and clearly explain how you have worked hard to correct the mistakes and be a positive contributor to the society and community.

End the letter with a request for a pardon hearing.

To enhance the chances of getting a pardon hearing, have someone write a recommendation letter explaining that you have shown remorse for your actions.