How Do You Write an Outline for a Story?

To write an outline for a story, brainstorm to come up with ideas for the plot. Outline characters and events that fit well with the plot, specifying moments involving suspense and leading to the climax. Join all the elements together to make the outline.

  1. Brainstorm the plot

    Brainstorm to come up with ideas for the actual story. Let your imagination run free, and accumulate enough ideas so that you have a choice. For inspiration, consider popular stories and masterpieces from popular writers. Life experiences can also fuel your imagination.

  2. Specify characters and roles

    When you're done deciding the direction of the story, write about your main character. Consider the basic scenarios into which you plan to put your characters, including backgrounds, struggles and time periods. Also, make an outline of the supporting characters that fit the various bits of your outline.

  3. Create scenes

    Write about the scenes that constitute the story. Think about the places your characters can inhabit. To elaborate on the events that you've brainstormed, create scene that express your emotions and thoughts effectively. Check every scene to see whether it's properly conveying the idea.

  4. Combine all elements to create the outline

    Create the outline by writing approximately two lines per scene, including the characters you have created.