How Do You Write Out a Skills Audit?

Writing out a skills audit means simply specifying the skills a particular individual or group has. This takes quite a bit of personnel management in the business world.

The entire process of writing out a skills audit begins with the person taking notice of particular skills. This is definitely not a task for those with self-doubt. Writing a skills audit for someone else is similar to writing one for oneself. The most important things to find out are personal interests and learning styles, since these two will determine what jobs an employee does well and how well they learn a new skill.

Ask simple questions

Ask simple questions geared towards short answers. Focus on academic interests, personal interests and things the person enjoys doing at work. Determining which things the person is interested in doing will help immensely.


It is important at this stage to have a list of particular skills that are necessary in an organization. Having the person check off the skills they think they have and the skills they want to learn can show personal interest and growth opportunities.


Now have the person rank the skills they chose in the previous step in order of importance according to them. Having the person write out a short reason for choosing each skill can give an idea behind why they chose that particular skill.


Determine results based on answers. Are the skills listed spread out over the different tasks required in a general company? Looking at where the skill sets lie can give an indication as to whether the person is multi-faceted or intent on learning outside their comfort zone.