How Do You Write a Novel Using the "snowflake Method?"

How Do You Write a Novel Using the "snowflake Method?"

Writing a novel using the Snowflake Methods helps a writer organize his thoughts before beginning to actually write. The time it takes to complete a novel using this method varies from author to author because each step can be as long or as short as the author feels necessary.

  1. Write a summary of the novel

    Write a summary of the novel using one sentence. Spend at least an hour on creating the sentence as it is a selling tool for the finished book.

  2. Expand the sentence

    Expand on the sentence created in step one to a full paragraph describing the story.

  3. Write summaries for the main characters

    Write summaries for all the main characters in the story. Spend at least one hour on each character.

  4. Expand the summary paragraph

    Expand the sentences of the summary paragraph. Each sentence should begin another paragraph that explains another part of the story. The last paragraph should depict the ending of the story.

  5. Write character descriptions

    Write a one-page description of each major character and half-page descriptions of supporting characters.

  6. Expand the plot summary

    Expand on the plot summary created from the summary paragraph to about four pages.

  7. Expand character descriptions

    Expand on the half and one-page character descriptions to create complete character charts.

  8. Create a list of scenes

    Use the four-page summary and make a list of the scenes necessary to turn the idea into an actual story.

  9. Write a narrative description of the story

    Write a narrative copy of the scenes created in the last step.

  10. Write the first draft of the novel

    Write the first draft of the novel, putting all the pieces together from the previous steps.