How Do You Write a Nonfiction Book?


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Writing a nonfiction book requires knowledge in a particular subject, a motivation to share your ideas with the world and the time to research the topic well. Then you need to decide on the format in which to publish the book. Start by deciding on a topic.

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There are generally two types of writers, those who write about many different ideas or topics because they are natural writers and those who have extensive knowledge of a topic, according to Glen C. Strathy. Nonfiction writers tend to fall into the second category more than the first. They tend to have a particular, highly detailed hobby or skill that they know enough about to share with the world.

Research is important, and the writer must be willing to take the time to fully expound upon the chosen topic. People who read nonfiction books read them for the valuable information they hold on a particular subject, so there should be very little fluff or filler material.

Finally, publishing on one of the eBook platforms is a smart move in today's high-tech world. With the number of mobile users and users with Kindles growing daily, it is often wise to focus on this type of publishing platform when writing a nonfiction book. Another point Strathy makes on his "How to Write a Book Now" website is to focus on one of the primary niche areas: Psychology, Finance, Fitness and Relationships. By focusing on these key areas, the chances for success increase. Self-publishing is the best way to get noticed, especially when you are first starting out as a nonfiction writer.

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