How Do You Write Non-Fiction?


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To write a non-fiction book, begin by selecting a specific area to focus on and doing research to ensure that there is enough material available to craft a full and interesting body of work. If this is successful, conduct first hand interviews and visit related areas to compile proper details.

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Non-fiction differs from fiction in that it is based on true events. Typical types of non-fiction writing include biographies, accounts of specific events and histories of places or social movements. The best way to start writing a non-fiction piece is to choose an area that has a personal interest. As non-fiction hinges on fact and truths instead of imagined events, a genuine interest is necessary to avoid growing bored of the topic and giving up.

Once an appropriate category is selected, initial research must be conducted to determine if there are enough known facts to create a book that people would want to read. Some historical events or people may seem intriguing, but if little is actually known about them it can be difficult to compose a full book.

If there is an appropriate amount of initial information, it is time to move into a deeper phase of research. This includes interviewing people either directly related to the subject, or those who have previously done extensive research on the subject. The final stage is compiling all of the research into a narrative of the author's choosing.

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