How Do You Write a Non-Denominational Funeral Service Sermon?


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Write a non-denominational funeral sermon by giving non-religious words of welcome, giving your thoughts on life and death, offering tribute to the life of the deceased and reflecting on his passing. Offer final words thanking everyone for attending the funeral after the body has been committed. These steps represent a structure from which you craft an individual sermon best representing the life and personality of someone who has passed away.

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After any introductory music has concluded, welcome everyone for coming to the funeral to mourn the passing of this individual. Offer your thoughts on life and death from a non-specifically religious perspective. This allows you to comfort those grieving with the notion that the deceased lives on in some fashion or memory without alienating certain people with highly specific religious invocations.

Pay tribute to the life of the deceased by giving a brief outline of his life and personality. The family of the deceased and any funeral organizers may help you create this outline. Read from any non-religious poetry or prose you feel represents your memories of the deceased, and offer a non-speaking period of time that lets the audience reflect on their feelings. This time period may be silent or filled with non-lyrical music. After the body is committed, thank the audience for attending.

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