How Do You Write Your Name Using Hebrew Letters?

You may write your name in Hebrew with a virtual Hebrew keyboard like the one located at, as of 2015. You can also alter your keyboard so that it types in Hebrew, but the specific way to do so depends upon your operating system.

The virtual keyboard at aligns Hebrew letters to a modified English-Hebrew QWERTY layout. Your name appears in Hebrew when you use the virtual keyboard or your own keyboard. You may Tweet or Google your name in Hebrew, or post your translated text to your Facebook page.

Modified Hebrew-English QWERTY layouts contain vowels that do not exist in Hebrew. Traditionally, small dots called nikkud, or niqqud represent vowel sounds in Hebrew. Consequently, when you type your name in Hebrew using a virtual Hebrew keyboard or a keyboard with an altered language input, the result contains non-traditional, hybrid sounds.

To change your keyboard language input in Windows XP, go to Control Panel, switch to Classic View, click Regional and Language Options, and then click the Languages tab. Under Text Services and Input Languages, click Details.

Under Installed Services, click Add. Choose an input language and a keyboard layout. Click OK twice. Press Alt+Shift to switch between input languages. Instructions for changing the keyboard language input in other operating systems is available at

You may teach yourself to write your name in Hebrew using a Hebrew handwriting chart. There is one such chart available at, as of 2015.