How Do You Write Motivational Letters?


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A good motivational letter contains a description of the position for which you're applying, an explanation as to why you want the position and a request for an interview. Additionally, include a date; the recipient's personal information, including his full name, title and address; your personal information, including full name and signature; and information such as the company goals and mission, showing that you're conversant with the company for which you intend to work.

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The description of the position appears in the first paragraph of the letter. Potential positions to apply for depending on your qualification may include marketing director, operations manager or finance manager. Be sure to mention the means through which you learned of the vacancy, including the date that the company advertised the position.

The reason for applying for the position appears in the second paragraph and should reflect the needs of the employer, including the goals and missions. For instance, if you are applying for a sales manager position, state how you intend to use the position to expand the company's market beyond its existing market. Be sure to include the reason you believe that the position suits you by stating how your qualifications and experience are relevant to the position.

An interview gives you an opportunity to discuss the position you're applying for personally before your potential employer, so it is advisable to seek the opportunity in the closing paragraph of the letter. In the request, inform the employer how you plan to contact him and book an appointment with him for the interview.

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