How Do You Write a Memorial Contribution Letter?

How Do You Write a Memorial Contribution Letter?

Sometimes, an obituary will ask that charity contributions are accepted "in lieu of flowers." If so, it is often necessary to include a memorial contribution letter. This letter should include the name of the person being memorialized and the contributor's address.

Include the following when writing an appropriate memorial contribution letter.

  1. State whom it memorializes
  2. Include a note in the letter mentioning whom the donation is meant to memorialize.

  3. Include a return address
  4. Include the donor's return address so that the charity knows where to send its acknowledgment.

  5. Include the deceased family's address
  6. Charities will also send an acknowledgement to the family to inform them of the donation. Be sure to include their address so that they can be contacted. If desired, add a sentence to the sympathy letter to tell the family directly about the contribution.