How Do You Write a Memo to Staff?

To write a memo to staff, write the heading consisting of lines: "memorandum", "to", "from", "date" and "subject," then open with the statement of the memo's purpose and actions that need to be taken, provide more details and close with indicating deadlines. Attach additional documents to the memo if necessary.

Memos are brief letters that convey information or issue a directive, in a business or academic setting. Memos are different from personal letters in that they are addressed to a group of people, for instance, staff. Moreover, memos do not contain salutations, complementary finishing line or the signature of the author.

  1. Write the heading
  2. Put the word "memorandum" at the center on the top. The heading consists of four lines: "To" - must include names and job titles of the recipients; "From" - the sender of the memo writes his initials here, after his typed name and job title; "Date" and "Subject" - summarize the message of the memo here.

  3. Write the opening
  4. The opening should contain the purpose of the memo and the call to action aimed at staff, written in a concise form.

  5. Write the body
  6. Describe the context of the issue to staff. Explain what your task is in this situation. Justify the measures being taken under the current circumstances. This part should be two to four paragraphs long. If the memo is longer that one page, write a summary.

  7. Write the closing
  8. In the closing, remind readers of action points and deadlines and thank them for their time.

  9. Add attachments
  10. If the memo requires addition documents, attach them.