How Do You Write a Meeting Request Letter?

How Do You Write a Meeting Request Letter?

When writing a meeting request letter, included a heading, salutation, body and closing in the letter. The body of the letters should include the reason for the meeting and some information about yourself. Say that you can schedule the meeting at a time convenient to the recipient.

  1. Write the heading

    The heading should include your contact's name, title, organization and address. You should also include the date you are writing the letter.

  2. Write the salutation

    The salutation should start with "Dear." Then write the person's title and last name. The title should be either "Mr." or "Ms." and not their job title.

  3. Write the body of the letter

    The body of the letter should explain the reason you are requesting a meeting. Tell some information about yourself, especially if the person does not know you well. Explain why he should be interested in having a meeting with you. Give a time frame for when you would like the meeting, but say that your contact can schedule it at a time convenient to him. Add that you look forward to the meeting.

  4. Write the closing

    The closing should have a valediction, such as "Sincerely." Sign your name. There should also be a typed version of your name. Include your address and contact information.