How Do You Write a Medical Excuse Note?

To write a medical excuse note, state the present date and the doctor's name, medical practice and contact details. Additionally, mention the recipient's name, position and phone number or email address. Provide either a general report or a comprehensive explanation about the patient's medical condition according to the patient's request.

An example of a general description is the patient suffered a hand injury that hampers him from performing work using the hand. If the patient requests further details, provide particular information about the type and extent of the injury or sickness. Moreover, list prohibited work-related tasks and allowed activities for the patient. Another important detail is the patient's recovery period. Use the recipient's name and title when writing the salutation, and include the doctor's signature.

A proper medical excuse is a requirement by most employers and educational institutions for individuals seeking a medical leave or work adjustment. A medical excuse letter generally follows a business letter format and uses an official company letterhead.

Parents who want to obtain medical excuse notes for their children should find out about school policies regarding sick notes and bring any required sick notes or excuse forms to be filled out by their physicians. It's also important to inform the scheduler about the request for a sick note when booking a doctor's appointment.