How Do You Write a Letter to a Teacher to Help a Child With a Matter?

To write a letter to a teacher to help a child with a particular matter, begin by identifying the child and a positive element about the child's situation. Then move into a brief discussion of your concerns, including relevant facts and history, before identifying your desired solution.

  1. Make an outline of your letter

    Jot down a list of bullet points you want to cover in your letter. Include something positive about the child's learning situation, and move through the germane, factual points you want to use. Include your desired solution and the desired response from the recipient. Scan through this list to make sure it is based in fact rather than emotion.

  2. Write the first draft of your letter

    Begin by identifying your child by full name and class. Explain the reason for your writing in the second paragraph, including both the problem you perceive and your desired solution. Indicate to the recipient what you want as a response, such as a phone call, email or a return letter, and ask for a response by a certain point in time. End the letter by thanking the recipient for her time.

  3. Revise the letter before sending

    Enlist one of your good friends, co-workers or family members to read through the letter. Pick someone who you know will point out possible improvements instead of someone who is more likely to agree with everything you have written. Read through the letter several times yourself, and pull out any elements that express anger or frustration rather than facts. Proofread for spelling and grammar before printing and sending.