How Do You Write a Letter Requesting Donations for a Kids' Team?


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The most efficient way of writing a letter requesting a donation for a youth team is by using a personal yet professional and direct tone, clearly stating what is needed in order for the team's success, and making the potential donor feel that he is a part of the team. Stay positive and make sure the potential donor thinks that he has been chosen because of a particular affinity with the team.

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  1. Write a friendly greeting

    Write a friendly greeting to make the potential donor feel that he is part of your community and is relevant to your cause. Avoid stuffy or form letter style addresses.

  2. Write the first paragraph clearly describing what is needed

    While maintaining a friendly and direct tone, explain what is needed in order to ensure the team's success. This paragraph should thoroughly describe the team's intents and goals and how any material or monetary donations provided will be used. Clearly specifying this will make the donor feel that his donation will be used appropriately.

  3. Describe how the potential donor will benefit from donating to the team

    Close your letter by making the potential donor feel that he will be contributing to the greater good of the community, and how he, more specifically, will be enriching the lives of young people, who will take those positive experiences with them into the future. Explain how the potential donor can also have a hands-on influence by visiting the team and mentoring the kids, going to games, etc. Close the letter with a friendly and positive final statement.

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