How Do You Write a Letter of Decline?


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To decline a job offer, write a short letter to the hiring manager or human resources representative, and thank that person for his or her time. Include a brief explanation as to the reason for declining the job.

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Letters of decline should always include a positive tone that clearly states intent to decline the position offered. Staying on good terms with hiring managers and human resources personnel can lead to long-term business relationships and future networking opportunities. If declining the position to take a position with another company, provide a simple explanation without going into too much detail. Express appreciation for the opportunity to learn about the company while meeting some of its key players. A letter of decline is not about demonstrating skills or pointing out disagreeable details about the position or the company.

Remain professional throughout the letter, and use correct formatting. Place the date at the top of the letter. Leave a space, and then add the interviewer's name, title and company address. Leave another space, and write a salutation. The body of the letter should include two or three paragraphs. Leave a space after the body, and write a closing. Sign the letter. Review the letter before sending to correct any punctuation or grammatical errors.

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