How Do You Write a Letter to Close a Business?

A letter to close a business should be written following the standard business letter format; it needs to include the date, the name and address of the recipient, a greeting, a body and an ending. The letter should be concise and a page or less in length.

It takes a few steps to write an effective letter that announces a business closing.

  1. Date the letter
  2. The month, date and year are included. Months should be written out and numerals are used for the date.

  3. Include the recipient's information
  4. The addressee's full name, title, company name and complete address are listed.

  5. Provide a salutation
  6. The salutation is the greeting, such as "Dear Mr. Doe."

  7. Write the body
  8. The closing of the business is announced within the letter's body, as well as any dates and details.

  9. Conclude the letter
  10. It is appropriate to thank the person or company for their business.