How Do You Write a Letter Asking for Sponsorship?

When writing a letter asking for sponsorship, provide information on the reason for requesting sponsorship, the program to be sponsored and the benefits of sponsorship. The primary goal of a sponsorship letter is to convince donors to contribute to a specific cause. Depending on the amount and extent of sponsorship requested, sponsorship letters can be a single page or a detailed proposal.

For sponsorship letters requesting small donations or sponsorship for a fundraiser, only a brief overview is required. For example, provide information on the organization and what the sponsorship money is to be used for. It is very important to list how much of each donation goes to the charity to increase the odds of finding sponsors.

To request large amounts of money to start a business or fund a project or charity, more information must be included in the sponsorship letter. Include the same basic overview that is required for smaller sponsorship requests, but also include important things, such as the business proposal, expected income potential and the return on investment, if applicable.

No matter which kind of sponsorship is being requested, always address the letter to a specific person or business and use a formal tone. Check the letter for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors to ensure the letter appears professional.