How Do You Write Lesson Plans for the Third Grade?


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To write a third-grade lesson plan, start by defining your goals and expectations. This is often tied to one or more teaching standards. Next, develop a short "anticipatory set" to introduce these objectives and prepare students for the upcoming lesson. Funny stories, short reviews or brief discussions are common activities.

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Presentations, discussions, lectures, experiments and similar tools typically make up the instructional portion of the lesson plan. These activities may be curriculum based or original ideas, or they may come from online resources. Allow ample time for a practice activity, such as a worksheet, classwork assignment or craft project that lets students demonstrate their comprehension of the lesson objectives. Wrap up the lesson with a brief conclusion that summarizes the lesson.

Lesson plans may also include a list of resources, necessary materials, opportunities for independent practice such as homework assignments, and ideas for follow-up lessons and assessment. There are no set procedures for writing a lesson plan. Some teachers use a template, while others create an outline and build their plans from scratch. The Internet offers a variety of resources that make it easier to create an effective third-grade lesson plan, including lesson plan templates, sample formats and ready-made lesson plans on various third-grade concepts.

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