How Do You Write Lesson Plans for an Early Childhood Classroom?


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Early childhood lesson plans should include an outline of the learning objectives, teaching resources, activities and assessment method. The plan should clearly define how the teacher introduces and concludes content, the projected timeline for individual activities and the methods of instruction and interaction.

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The learning objective explains the concepts the lesson intends to convey and describes the skills children develop in the class. Individual lessons usually emphasize only one or two skills to help children feel comfortable with new concepts, and early childhood plans often focus on cognitive, linguistic and motor skills, such as making decisions, comparing images or sounding out words.

When planning the introduction and activities for young children, educators generally choose interactive methods that provide sensory stimulation and encourage toddlers to build logic and reasoning abilities by exploring their environment. Detailed lesson plans include the exact questions the educator intends to ask, step-by-step instructions for performing the activity, ideas for keeping the lesson on topic and any vocabulary needed to help children understand the activities. To deal with unexpected time management issues, educators may include shorter alternative activities to substitute when time runs low.

Writing a conclusion helps educators decide how to reinforce the lesson and provoke further cognitive growth. Teachers should also define their standards for assessing the effectiveness of the lesson and student comprehension overall.

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