How Do You Write a Lesson Plan?

Write a lesson plan by determining what students need to know, how to present the information, what activities can help students practice the information and how to determine whether the objective was met. Each portion of the lesson plan should include a time estimate and materials needed.

  1. State the goal

    Determine the learning target for the lesson. Check the Common Core Standards for the subject or consult the objective in the curriculum. Be specific and write the target in this format: “Students shall [objective]”.

  2. Plan the motivation

    Prepare an introduction to motivate the students. The introduction should introduce the learning target in an engaging way and give the students a reason to care about the lesson. Some examples include real life application, personal stories, engaging questions or video clips.

  3. Plan the instruction

    Determine how to present the material. Consider how to explain the topic and strategies to include different types of learners. The lesson should include a way to visually represent the topic as well as strategies to keep the students engaged.

  4. Plan the practice

    Plan opportunities for students to practice the skills presented in the lesson. Expect to guide them through the first part of the practice and then release them to do the activity.

  5. Develop the assessment

    Consider how to determine whether the students have achieved the learning target. Some common examples include a post test or individual conferences with students.