How Do You Write a Leadership Speech?

write-leadership-speech Credit: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to recommendations by, there are 10 important keys to writing an effective leadership speech. These keys are underpinned by the two main objectives behind every speech: to make a good impression and to leave the audience with two or three takeaways. The first key is to be memorable, and in order to achieve this, the speech should be built around a main theme.

It is best that the theme be condensed into a 15- to 20-word epigram. A leadership speech must have a structure, a path and a destination. Anything that does not build on the speech's main theme should be dropped, and this includes contradictory, extraneous or confusing parts. A speech should maximize the opening because it is the period when the audience is most receptive. The speech should engage the audience early with questions or shocking facts and statistics. The speech should also strike the right tone with the audience, and the speaker should humanize himself so that the audience can buy into his message. Repetition is the key to achieving an impression during a speech, and good speakers always use transitional phrases to signal intent. Theatrics are an important and effective part of a speech. The speech should also have a strong ending and be short.