How Do You Write a Kindergarten Graduation Speech?

write-kindergarten-graduation-speech Credit: anjanettew/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Write kindergarten graduation speeches using recognition of parents and teachers, brevity, praise and simple language that the audience can understand. Writers should also consult with the kindergarten teacher for help and final approval of the speech.

Brevity is one of the most important aspects of the speech due to the low attention span of the child audience. Focus the speech itself on praise, including praising the class as a whole for their achievement and praising individual students for specific achievements. Deliver the speech with enthusiasm and energy, and try to make it fun for the children. Remember that the teachers and staff are also part of the audience. Thank them for the dedication and support they have shown the students to help them in their achievements. Similarly, thank the parents for the role they have played in both shaping and helping their children as individuals and as students.

For a more specific speech, utilize specific themes, such as the value of hard work or the value of helping others. Regardless of the themes, utilize specific events and individuals during the speech. This helps make the speech more personal and more real to its intended audience of children, teachers, staff and parents.